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The cri-chokes performed very good in my sbe2--however so did the wad wizard supreme (which by the way is built on the same principle as the patternmaster). The wad wizard in my opinion is far superior to the pm tube. The biggest reason I like the wadwizard is for the shorter shot strings--(more shot on target all at once)! You will have to pattern your shotgun of course as all shotguns even the same make could give you different results. The wadwizard is guaranteed--if you don't like it you can return it. You can call them for more info--talk to Lori. Hope some of this helps.

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I have all three tubes for my SBE II and have been happy with the performance.


I use the long range extended pattern master designed for 3.5 inch shells for Geese and I use the midrange tube for all duck shooting. I found the short range to give too open of a pattern with the 3.5 shells. I use 3.5 Steel 2's for ducks and like to put as much steel into the bird as I can, therefore tighter chokes. I need to pattern the Pattern Masters vs the Factory Mod and see what I get.


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I have a set of 3 Patternaster tubes that fit the Benelli SBE(I), Benelli Montefeltro, Beretta, etc. The set consists of Short Range (over decoy), Mid Range, and Standard Range chokes. I did not buy the Extended Range tube that gives tight patterns with 3 1/2 inch shells. Following is info received from the Patternmaster owner who I called before I bought them:


· The chokes give a shorter shot string and thus a higher shot density on target through wad retardation

· Shorter shell, slower velocity, and larger shot give tighter patterns

· Longer shell, higher velocity, and smaller shot give wider patterns


When goose/duck hunting this year I used the Standard Range tube in my Benelli with a 3 1/2 inch steel shot shell in the chamber (seems to throw a wide pattern with this choke) followed by 3" steel or Hevi-shot in the magazine to give a tighter pattern.


I use the Short Range and either Medium or Standard chokes in my Beretta O/U for pheasants.


I used these chokes in South Dakota for pheasants and North Dakota for waterfowl in 2005 and was very pleased with the results. Many people that get one of these chokes get the Extended Range and then the pattern may be too tight for them.


I got the non-ported chokes because I didn't want the louder noise in the blind that the porting gives.

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