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where can i find a benelli montefeltro lefty 20 gauge


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Go to the BenelliUSA website and click on Montefeltro, then click on "configurations," then scroll to the very bottom of the listings and there it is. Most folks probably won't stock this model but it can be ordered for you. Able Ammo took care of me and did a good job on getting my Montefeltro Silver in and it was quick. They told me it would take two weeks, but it came in in one week. Check them out: AbleAmmo.com.

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you should know after all you are the montefeltropro:D

Well, I should have known, but I'm wrong on this one. I went to the configurations page on the web-site and found that the Monty is no longer listed in left hand! I could have sworn that it was there last year when I was buying... but I suppose I could be wrong. Sorry, Patrick (and VINCIshooter)... maybe ?somebody? could tell us for sure IF indeed the Montefeltro was ever offered in left hand... I sure thought it was. In that case you could look for a used model.

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I've seen it in 12 ga. LH with the standard finish.

Never seen a 20 ga. LH Silver.

Thanks, Sir Tucker... I really regret giving bad advise. I apologize to the concerned participants here... Need to change my handle to "Montefeltro-buffon!" I'll sign off and go lick my wounds... (and clean my Monty-Silver RH!) I'm a bass-fisherman now, just waiting for Dove Season on the early Fall... (retirement ain't bad... I can recommend it).

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