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Shotgun Patterns


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I have decided to standardize on the 3" OOO Buckshot load from remington. Recoil is stiff, but not TOO bad. The payload is 10 .36 caliber projectiles of 3% antimony/lead which weigh aroun 70gr a piece. They impact with around 250# energy per pellet at the muzzle. This is reduced to around 170# or so at 50 yards.






The pictures/patterning speak for themselves. A Benelli M4 and a Trulock MOD choke were used for this test. I feel that this load, while sacrificing 1 shell payload due to the 3" length, is optimal.


Lest you fear the penetration of OOO buck, I did more testing (20m distance on these 2 tests) for you...


Through a car-door (metal, mid 80's crown vic) it retains enough energy to wound, and MAYBE kill. If soft tissue like the neck were hit, or it went through a part of the door that did not have any backing on the other side, it could kill perhapse. I would not make it my first choice to go through a door on an older car.


2x4's. It would barely penetrate 1 2x4 and either heavily dimple the one behind it, or imbed itself roughly flush in the surface. One of the other. To put this in perspective, the .45ACP JHP penetrated 2.5 and the 9mm JHP 3-3.5 and the 357SIG JHP around 4-4.5 boards.

OOO Buck is not a horrid penetrator. It averages around 14-16" in gel/animals/whatnot.

What you have to realise is that clothing and the skin on the back also factor. Skin on a person's back is the equivalent to about 2-4" of gelatin. Now factor maybe a leather jacket, etc. This isn't necessarily overkill at 16" penetration in gel.


But what if it's the end of the world and everyone is out to get me and some guy with an AR is 75 yards way and my M4 and this OOO Buck that you like so much is all that I have got?!!?


75 yards is a long ways. Try to find 75 yards of open space with no cover that you are in on a daily basis. Go on. Try it. I doubt you can.

However, I did this quick 3-shot test for you what-if guys. 3 shots were fired rapidly, as though I were shooting at something that could shoot back (I sighted carefully my first shot, then on the next two, I just let the sight picture drop down where it "looked good" and quickly sqeezed the shot off). Here are the results:



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nice test thanks! as you say the pictures tell the whole story.


Would be interesting to see what would happen if you switched over to a tight choke for that 75 yard shot. Hevi-Shot has a choke they claim does well with large shot out to 75 yards, I'm thinking about trying that out before long.

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