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Choke installation question


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Hi all.


New to shotguns, and especially new to chokes. I have a new M4 and purchased a Cylinder and Imp. Cylinder choke from Trulock. I plan on doing some sighting in with slugs this weekend.


Are there any words of wisdom for removing the factory Mod. Choke and installing one of the Truluck chokes?


Do you use any type of lubrication or grease when installing a choke?


Thanks for your help!

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It's pretty simple.


You don't need to use any type of anti-seize compound, but some people do.


Tighten your chokes to as tight as you can reasonably get them with one hand using the choke removal tool ... you don't want it too tight or too loose, it should be pretty easy to tell when it's tight enough that it won't come loose during shooting, yet loose enough that you will be able to remove it when desired without much difficulty.


I don't have a torque measurement, sorry.


Either choke should shoot slugs just fine.

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Step 1: Buy Briley Speed wrench.

Step 2: remove choke

Step 3: apply anti-seize compound like Birchwood Casey (I like it as it ensures that there will not be any issues, why not spend the $8 and 10 seconds, stuck chokes suck. It only takes one to make you a beliver in the stuff).

Step 4: screw choke in while holding shotgun barrel by barrel and last lug/ring for leverage. Tighten with speed wrench.


I have found that unless I snug it down with the Briley, it will unscrew after a dozen slugs or so. With my Briley, I have never had a problem. Was a nightmare trying to keep it in before, using the crap Benelli wrench. Not enough torque with that thing. Before you question the user/ability, I have been single since 2007. I have strong wrists/hands.


I recommend cyl/ic for Sluggers/Brenneke's and MOD for Winchester slugs. Just my experience.

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