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Malkoff M60W MCE Review


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And I tested it. At first, I cranked her up in my appartment, blinds drawn, expecting greatness. Greatness did not occur. No ladies and gentlemen. Failure occured. I was not really liking things. I decided to wait until dark though, as this unit only puts out about 900LUX@1M, it performs best in true darkness.


Anyways, darkness arrived and so did the glory. This unit is not what I would mount on a weapon, let me say first off. It just doesn't have the throw. It runs out of useful light at around 40-50 yards, just like Gene advertises (140+- feet). However, it illuminates EVERYTHING! Within that 50 yards with a natural-tone light that allows colors their normal hue, and NOTHING escapes it. It is like carrying a miniature sun in your hand! I am sorry, I said I wouldn't do this, but I got a new cell-phone and HAD to try it. I will get some better shots up later, but here is how it did for all you white-wall hunters. 19w96v.jpg


I got a new cell-phone and it did not accurately compare the spill of the MC-E to the others. The MCE lit up the whole room. A corner adjacent to the light, 12 feet to the left was clearly illuminated. This thing just lights up everything around it! The "tunnel" you see depicted is not accurate. TO my eyes, there was no beginning/end to the spill as is shown. It was just a "wall of light".


ALso of note, I shot a snake tonight while doing beam-shots outside (like real beam-shots are done). It was a copperhead. This light depicted it's camo VERY accurately. Looked like daylight. WIth a lesser LED, I think the snake may have blended in a LOT better. I know it sure did when my Dad came out with the pistol with his cheapy LED. The snake just blended in with the pine-needles on the ground.


Another point to note is that this light illuminates all around you. There are no "dark spots" for a snake to hide, there is no need to "wave" the light back and forth to cover your path. I love this light for an out-doors light where one would be gathering firewood, hiking through rough terrain, etc. Basically anything that you would want daylight to do, this light makes feasible, out to 50 yards. It is at it's best within 25 yards. IF you want a hand-held sun, I cannot recommend this unit strongly enough!

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Try a Lumapower D-mini.


For the size, nothing even comes close and run time is also excellent. Easily lights up objects100yrds away, will take Li ion rechargeables (including 18650's with the optional body) or regular CR123 batteries.


My humble opinion, it is the best out there for size/price/performance. They also are making a new MCE model that I have not checked out yet (but the head is much larger).


Malkoff makes some nice drop in's though.

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