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Stolen Benelli


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Hey all,


I had a SBE stolen about 2 years ago. Well, it was recovered by the local police dept and I just got it back today. The idiot had no idea what he had. It was a SBE Ducks Unlimited Limited Edition that I won from a DU raffle here in town. Problems are, he sawed off the barrel to illegal specs, and he cut off the stock to a pistol handle. The barrel was only 14 1/2 inches. Anyway, I was curious if anyone knew where I could possibly find a replacement stock. I would like to find one with the DU head in the butt plate like it used to have. Should I contact DU and see if they can give me a hand? I can deal with a new barrel and a new stock, but I would like to have one with the DU head. Thanks ahead for your help.

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It's not likely that DU would have the furniture.


I'd call Benelli CS and explain the situation them and ask what can be done.

If they can't help, you'll most likely have to look for a regular stock and forend.


What about insurance?

The jerk basically destroyed the gun, so they should have to cover it as a complete loss. I'm sure you can find one like on gunbroker or Auction Arms if you look for a while.


I'd really push the insurance company for a replacement.


One more thing.

How the heck do you make a SBE into a pistol grip sawed off and still maintain the recoil spring assembly?

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I was going to call Benelli tomorrow and see what they can do for me. Like you said, probably not, but it's worth a try.


This is why criminals are so #$#T^ stupid, he sawed off the stock, ruining the recoil spring assembly. The gun wouldnt fire if he tried to fire it. He had no idea what he had.


I'll let you all know what Benelli says tomorrow.

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