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sidearmor rail fit question


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I got the Phase 5 bolt release. It is a worthy upgrade. It adds a significant amount of function to the weapon without being a snag hazard. I was worried it would be obnoxiously large and in the way. It fit my SMOS billet lower perfectly. Even with the Norgon and the KNS pins (for my Timney trigger).

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Hey Stranger, I have a Sidearmor on it's way thanks to your great attention to detail and I might try a similar setup. Got a question on the rail ladders on the top rail. I know you said it impairs the sights a bit, however I've seen ladders that seem to have a slight concaveness down the center. Wasn't sure if you've tried them or know of them. I've tried to find them for comparison , but had no luck. I can't find the post here, but I thought I saw someones pic of theyre sidearmor with it attached?


I found the ones I was mentioning above, they are the Surefire z70's, Looking closer at them, they won't work. They were deceiving because they have a dent down the center, but are still the same height. Nice build you got going there, by the time I get mine done I probably could have bought another m4, but i like to dial in every gun a have to the way I like it, expensive habit!

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Hey HK,

Unless you're securing a wire like I am, I'd leave the ladder covers off. I considered drilling holes in the top rail to route the cable through also. Since I ended up with the Aimpoint, there is no obstruction present. The Surefire ladder rail covers do help some. The indent helps. It's not great by any means though.


I was in the field all day and into the night with this setup. It busted that rattler in the dark easily.


We often call the Benelli the Snake Charmer.


In other news, my MRP barrel is heading back from ADCO. It was profiled down to .625", cut down to 14.5" and my Vortex flash suppressor was pinned in place. It was then painted FDE. ADCO is quick!


My Geissele SSA trigger should be in early next week to replace my old Timney 4#. I got a few small upgrade parts coming tomorrow from Brownells. Another dozen pmags, tritium front post for my Troy iron sights and a Daniel Defense limited rotation front sling mount. Plus enough xtm panels to properly finish covering my rails.


A Vickers padded sling is also enroute.


Now I just need some big stuff. The Aimpoint T-1, Surefire Scout light. Then I need to find a FDE UBR.

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No problem, Don't worry, you're going to like it. The quality is great. After you get it, you should post your own review. I think the more opinions we have on the site about products the better resource the site becomes.


Take Care,


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I got my barrel back from ADCO. Well worth the money. It completely changed the center balance of the rifle. It put the center right above the magazine well. It no long feels front heavy like before. It's a bit more maneuverable with the 16" total length barrel too.


The FDE looks great in my opinion. It matches the Magpul FDE very well. I got my Daniel Defense front sling mount, all new FDE Magpul XTM rail covers and a tritium front sight post.

I also installed a Gessele SSA trigger pack and got rid of my KNS pins. No fitting issues with the LMT ambidextrous selector.


It's scary using the crappy torque wrench supplied with the MRP. The amount of torque applied is extremely low. You can apply the amount with one finger on the wrench. It is very easy to miss the click. If you get one of these, note how easy it is to take the bolts out. That'll help you judge how tight they should be. Get a better wrench if you plan to pull these often.


Here are a couple photos.








Vickers QD Padded sling should be here tomorrow. I wish I could get an offset mount for the Surefire Scout light.

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Change of weapon light plans. I put my Scout on the MRP from the Benelli to test out. Given that there are currently no offset mounts, I scrapped the idea.


I put my Surefire X300 at 12 o'clock in front of the front sight post. It is ambidextrous and has a similar light output as the Scout. It is also about half the weight.


With the sights flipped up, I can barely see the light along the bottom of the front sight post. I have some concern about when the T-1 is mounted though. We'll see...


It slings better without the side mounted light. None of the handguards are obstructed either. I considered buying a X400 for it, but I think the laser housing would rise up too high and get into the sight view.


I have a X400, I need to try it out.


I got my Vickers sling today, I really like it. The padding is nice. It isn't overly big like some are. The slide lock transition device is easy to use. It hangs better than my GearSector 2 Point sling. I don't really know why...








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Added some photos
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Almost got your toes!


It depends where you host them. My flickr account creates several different sizes for me to select. The only other solution is to resize them on your computer small then upload them if your host doesn't do the same.


I like the dedicated forends. I wish Surefire would produce some newer models. Most people don't need all the rails. They're finally moving their dedicated shotgun forends to a LED head with a decent lumen output.

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