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  1. How about 18 rounds in a ps90 style magazine! I was hoping this company would get this baby out, but they joined with Magpul a couple years ago and haven't been heard from since. Maybe the big "M" has these one in the works.
  2. At least nobody mentioned zombies...... "Oh yeah, and zombies......" For #$&! sake!
  3. I think this person means to remove the "magazine" and refill the mag by using 2 hands without putting the rifle down. He is not doing full mag changes and keeps using the same one. I do wonder why it's "safer" by not putting the rifle down to do this, is there life threatening consequences or something by leaning a rifle against a tree?
  4. Don't worry, does not apply to you guys(hmmm, or does it?) Funny nonetheless..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evr_tP9cJWY
  5. Weekend bump with price reduction! $60 Shipped.......... Paypal gift or Paypal E-check to remove the 3%
  6. Yep, you got it. it's probably the easiest mod one can do. Update- item is sold......
  7. SOLD...... Have one more piece of clutter, a M4 Pistol grip stock that was never used and is as good as new. http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/450/benellipgstock001.jpg $70 SHIPPED...... Cashier, Personal, Paypal +3%
  8. Can't complain about being half off, priced to move. It's still available and in perfect condition. I figured I'd give the hook-up for everyone here first. Wish these deals would show up for the c-stocks, oh that's right, Botach came through for me there. Sorry if that is rubbing salt in for some.
  9. *S.P.F.* Digging through the safe and want to unload my Mesa 8 shot. It was put on, put in the safe and not shot with. Then it came off for the Sidearmor replacement. It's basically brand new, but one screw got a little buggered up when I tried to remove it. The screw is usable, it just has a little fleck where the driver slipped. The unit has no scratches Box and all papers that came with are included. Cash, personal check, Paypal add 3% I will let it go for $55 shipped. http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/9845/mesa8001.jpg The screws for the Mesa are fine, it was the or
  10. Just bought one from them. I had to do several double takes reading to make sure that they weren't restricted to civies and didn't notice anything. I did notice prices coming down on GB lately, so I don't know if it's because of this. Maybe my patience finally paid off, or I'll be paying for a bad deal.
  11. It was Demi that was doin the shooting, because she found out that he was "in the closet".
  12. Hey Skeet, it looks like your corn cob holder kissed the receiver a little when you replaces the release. If it did don't feel bad, I went through the trouble of getting the perfect sized punch and stupid me, I forgot to put some tape to cover the receiver. I was tapping the pin out and the damn knurling on the handle got wedged and gave a nice sandpaper effect. I would have had better results using a wire hanger.
  13. I guess that whole wall incident thing in 89' was there for theatrics and gave the commoners an a little sence of hope. I would hid any Picatinny rails as well as that would show intent, escpecially if there were wear marks on them from a mount. Geez that's pretty harsh, but your not alone, there are plenty of draconian laws abound everywhere!
  14. Honestly officer, I just use this fer pickin off those pesky squirrles on my back 40 and it just came in kinda handy when my space got violated by a cat burglar.
  15. I can just see the police show up to the crime scene and see someone wearing their night vision goggles and decked out laser/IR combat shotgun and saying they were victimized:rolleyes:. Then later in court the prosecution say's here's exibit A(the Benelli joy-kill death-ray gun). I agree being judged by 12 is being better than carried by six, but boy that 12 will have a field day with this one.
  16. Just a thought. I considered NS for mine, but I found that my light on my Sidearmor actually will illuminate my stock sight for something like 5 minutes or more if I leave the light on for a few seconds. Obviously if my light dies, I'm out of luck, but if you want to stealth around in the dark, just flash your light very quick and your sights are GTO and the sight is alot brighter than the tritiums. The NS for the rear are pretty small anyways and the front one is the one you focus on mainly anyways. Yes, if I didn't have the light I would definetely get the aftermarkets.
  17. Here's your side by side. "And I'm Larry Potterfield and that's the way it is."
  18. Here you go. I bought you a life subscription.
  19. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=145423677 $405 and it's a done deal .
  20. AAAAARG! Some lucky SOB got the deal of a lifetime http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=145423677 The 3 position tube was also included with the stock. Geez, I didn't need the tube, but could have sold it for a couple hundred at least and would have basically got the stock for $200. On top of it all, he accepted Paypal! I'm sure this stock will be relisted for $800 and $300 for the tube for a quick profit.
  21. His rail won't work with the Sidearmor, but will work with the B&T, Surefire m80, and I think maybe the KZ http://www.botachtactical.com/kzm4.html , if the top rail can be shortened so it doesn't go all the way back on the receiver(not sure though)?
  22. Greetings, I have a Sidearmor and love it! I know the rails are not in true spec, but they are beefier than the Mesa, and factory rail. I have a SureFire Scout light with the Larue mount and it's defenitely tight enough for my type of useage. I think StrangerDangers review sums it up pretty good and helped me make the decision to get one. Theres just a few choices of rails systems to go with, but I liked where the light is placed above the forearm, out of the way. It's the only one I've tried, because I don't have unlimited funds to try them all, would be nice though.
  23. Guess my screen name gives me away. Can't go wrong with the USP's, or Mark 23 they're built like tanks. To each his own and most handguns have they're ups and downs, but there's something about HK's that are addictive.
  24. These guys look like they have one, along with everything else under the sun. Lot's to drool on here! I mean they have SICK collections! http://www.autoweapons.com/products/sbr.html
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