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This guy's smoking crack


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Hey, if he doesn't need money right away and hasn't got any real desire to sell the weapons/parts, why not list them for an unreasonable price? Worst case is you get to hang on to them. Best case, you make money hand-over-fist. It's capitalism, baby! There's a sucker for every "deal."


So, I don't take issue with his prices. What I do take issue is that he's listing that "+0" (as OhioM4 put it) extension as being in "Excellent" condition. It is clearly not.

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YES, there's always a sucker out there somewhere to buy @ his lame prices!!! we call them, LIBERALS!!!!!!!!!!!!


lol ... Maybe the liberals will buy this stuff up to protect us idiot gunlovers who are bound to eventually kill ourselves with these dangerous killing machinees.

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I'm willing to bet its more like this:


"honestly honey...I promise to get rid of all my nasty guns now that we're married. See, I have the rifle and some of my most valuable parts up for sale right now. Don't worry snookums... someone is sure to buy them at these prices!"

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You will LOVE this!!!! These are FANTASTIC Tubes!! If you have been looking for a Unique Addition for your collection … you will LOVE this!! Please take the time to scroll through all the pictures to see just how AWESOME this Tube is!! This would make an awesome addition to any collection!! If you have any question or need more pictures please contact us & we will be glad to help!!


According to the copy it is FANTASTIC and a unique addition to your collection. You will "LOVE this" is written twice. It is Awesome!


Maybe its made of solid Gold and is only painted in Camo Tan. I heard that the Knights of Malta brought back gold from the holy wars. They melted some of it down into a statue of a falcon and painted it black. The remainder was cast into Benelli magazine tube limiters and painted tan. Bogart found the Maltese Falcon but until recently the whereabouts of the Maltese Benelli tube was shrouded in mystery! Better bid on it quick before it is lost again into the sands of time!


Wow 90+ views on the auction and no bids! Go figure.

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