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WTB Factory Benelli M4 case & Manual


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Hi Guys,


New guy here. I just picked up a pristine M4 but I'd like a factory case. Anyone have one they'd like to sell or know of a place to get one ?





Didn't know there was a "factory"case. Mine came in a cardboard box. You can also get the PDF of the manual on the Benelli site. Yes, not the original, but those will be hard to find get from those that want to keep theirs with the gun.

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When I got my m4 a few years ago, it actually came in a decent red box with pre cut styrofoam insides.


like this one


The outside of my box looked like that, but had no foam inside. Just preformed cardboard dividers. It was some of the worst packaging I've ever seen. I'll take a pic if I remember, but I was somewhat appaled at how these suckers are shipped.

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