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OT (sortof) - SOG Knives


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M1014 - You better be careful, man. You're going to hurt yourself with an upgrade like that. Make sure your tot'n chit is current and you are under adult supervision.


Likwid - You do need to pay attention to the sheath situation with the Pups. They have at least 4 sheaths that I know of. There are nylon and leather sheaths. The ones you need to pay attention to are the kydex sheaths. The newer models fit the Pups a lot better. you can identify them because they have the "groove" system on them.


Remy - I also have one of their multi's and am very impressed with it. I'll let you know if the knife measures up to those standards.


Almost went with a Buck Vanguard. However, the gadget hound in me won out and went with the Pup.


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I've got a Seal Pup w/ the Kydex holster that is jump rated. You can mount it in any position you want. The knife itself is super durable. I've used it to pry heavy items and no sweat. The edge retains well too. I have a SOG Trident (folder) and it is RAZOR sharp. SOG is a vendor I do business with and they turn out great products for good prices. I have a Microtech Scarab thats double edged, and the Trident is considerably sharper. Microtechs ain't cheap either.

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