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steel shot and black cloud choke tube.

nova goose hunter

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Hi i was looking at the black cloud choke tube. It was a long range one, thats what i was looking for, and i was wondering if i could shoot regular shells out of it like 2 3/4 trap loads or 3.5 steel that is not black cloud. would i still get a good pattern? thanks

I am not sure on the exact restriction on the long range, but it might be to tight for trap, but that is better than lacking restriction. It should pattern good with standard steel. Find out the restriction and see if it is a mod, full, etc.

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Lots of guys here like the crossbreed supertucks, Comp-tacs are good, I like high noon holsters as well. I know you can completely conceal a full size 1911 under an unbuttoned over shirt, so gun size shouldn't be an issue unless youre trying to conceal a desert eagle or something. The whole point of carrying concealed is to not let anyone know youre packin.

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I am new to carrying and luckily I live in a county in California that is easy to get a CCW. I have had to adjust what I wear and how I dress in order to have good retention and concealment. As I have a little more weight than I should I am only able to carry OWB strong side. I am unable to carry IWB as it would be uncomfortable.

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