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anybody have to cut down their spring for FL tube?


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I have been running hornady TAP buckshot through my M4 and fiocci for cheaper blasting ammo and they have both run fine and I have been able to get 7 in my tube from kip with the premium spring. Today I patterned the federal tactical w/flight control and was sold on it pretty quickly. My problem is they are slightly longer than the other two rounds and only 6 fit in my tube.....has anybody else run into this problem? Has anybody cut down the spring that comes with kips tubes? If so, did you have any problems? Also how many coils did you have to cut? any help would be much appreciated...thanks:)

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I cut down quite a bit. Started with 1-1/2 coils from each end like Kip suggested, then started lopping 1/2 coils off of one end until I could fit 7 in there. Took a few more snips to get it down to where I could just fit 7. I think, in total, I might have clipped off 5 or 5-1/2 coils. (It was a good 3/4 inches worth of compressed spring.)


I've been considering buying a new spring from Kip, just to have it. I'm not 100% comfortable with having cut so much spring to fit 7. I'd like to have a backup in case the spring weakens over time and won't feed the last round. Decompressed, it's still a good 7 inches or so longer than the tube; but having a $12 spare never hurts.

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I had to cut the CarrierComp provided spring to fit 7 Federal Premium Law Enforcement FliteControl wad buckshot.




Believe I would have used the original spring for the larger rounds and KIP's for all the other rounds.

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Before you cut down the longer spring have to tried functioning 7 rounds with the original spring? I sell many 7 round mag tubes and have had good fedback that they function fine with the original spring... load is a lot easier too!

By the way, I now have full length tubes ready to ship, same price as over the last 5 years, $165 shipping included. Contact me at [email protected]

Check out the many many SOCOMguy posts on this forum.

Joe B

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Why ruin a perfectly balanced spring for using cheaper blasting ammo.


I dont run ANY cheap ammo. There are variations in most shells. Even from the same MFG between different part #'s. Its got to be able to handle all of them. If indeed it does, then you have a perfectly functioning mag.

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I suggest you cut but only 1 coil at a time until you get it. How far are you from putting the last shell in?

Good call, that is what I did, I also left out the spring retaining clip, it makes it difficult and a little dangerous when you remove the magazine end cap but also gives you a little extra room without compromising the force of the feeding as much.



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