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sl80 123 rafaello price check?


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hi all

I got a line on a 85% 12ga sl80 123 rafaello grade.

Its prolly the 1980`s mfg.

Upgraded wood is only like one X grade,looks mostly carried,no dents/cracks,some nicks in metal.

The tag says 600.

What should be the valuation on this here,cant find rafael-O in the bluebook.




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Thanks all, that BB is the same as mine.The 123V listing,

doesnt differentiate between the Urbino marked sl80 I saw for 400., versus the Raffaelo marked sl80 for 600. though.


Were these early Rafaello as big a jump in price [over the Urbino] back then as they are now??

Or not so much?


These 2 just look like a slightly better wood grade diffrence,the photo etched engraving remains the same.


Sayimg that parts are disvontinued,and Im not that hardup on it,what is a cash barganing price I can offer??


thanks again!!



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I picked it up after some more research,and going back to the shop 3 more times.

Turns out as far as I can tell,it is a super black eagle with rafaello 123 markings.

Benelli armi system bolt with the shell drop button on triggerguard.

Mfg 1993 BC date coded.

It looks like a higher grade model,looks like the one in link pic below.


Any idea how much this gun was when new??

Certainly aint no sl80,like the one next to it,and not available in this country as far as I can tell,maybe special order?

Imported from Sweden recently.






where can I get light load parts kit etc??

thanks all


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