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Seeking advice


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I would go with the SuperNova but both are great guns. Shoulder them both at the store and see which one you like better.

Camo is not necessary but IMO you should get it, because it does help. I have taken them with my 870 as well but it became a whole new ball game when I went Camo.

Last week I was prone on 15 Gobblers with my SuperNova and Sitka Optifade and was able to move from 100 yards to within 50 yards of them. Never took a shot, I had already tagged out but it was fun seeing how close I could get...It took a while because if I moved a little too much too fast they would all stop and stare at me for 2-5 minutes before returning to feeding in that field. I had no cover and I will tell you that I think if I would have had my 870 out there or a black synthetic I would not have been able to keep moving every time they thought they saw something...they all would have taken off the first time they knew something was up instead of going back to being relaxed.


Great choice for a pump, I hope you get it but make sure you do your research.

Happy Hunting!!!!:D

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I would go with the Supernova in case you want to change stocks. You may prefer a pistol grip stock for turkey hunting. It is more comfortable to use when you are sitting.


I would also go with camo. You will probably regret it later if you don't. It looks cooler and will also help you out when turkey hunting.


If you haven't decided, for an all-around shotgun I think a 26" barrel would be preferable. A 24" would be easier to maneuver in the woods, and I like at least 28" barrel for duck hunting and trap shooting. I say split the difference.


To me, the Nova is a very limited purpose gun with the fixed stock and lack of accessories. The Supernova is a bit more versatile.


Good luck!

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Probably some of us older folks probably hunted with just blued guns , way before camo was even thought of. Or at least I have . The trick is just sit very still ".Boom Boxes"( couldn't believe what I saw one day, hunter carting one ) are not a good suggestion . But who knows , maybe today's birds enjoy a little RAP now and then. I don't believe Frank S. was heard around the camp fires that I was at. ? :rolleyes: , But he did croon a lot of the girls into fainting in the isles . Back in the 40sor so.:D


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Just funning,,,,,,,,,,,,Mutt

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