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Best Rifled Slugs


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I just purchased a benelli slug barrel. With all the new and expensive slugs out there. I just wanted to know what is working for user thanks for saving me some dollars and time!!

You should get yourself some Hornady SST rounds. Also Brenneke makes Gold Magnums (Simply Awsome) and the Super Sabot for rifled barrels only. Personally I am a huge fan of the Black magics, if you are hunting deer I would get the 2-3/4". Black Magics work great out of smoothbore and rifled barrels.

All of these slugs with the exception of the Super Sabot I have used a lot of and love there performance. 1/2" groups with the Black Magics!

Happy Hunting!:D

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I have not tried the Truballs yet but have heard they are great from Trapshooter1, who does do a lot (A real lot) of shooting, so I would def be confident in the field with them after a few preliminary tests to see how they shot out of my SuperNova.

As far as the Sluggers go I have nothing to say. Its worth a try out of your gun, who knows maybe it will perform the best for you. There just is nothing about it that stands out to me and says "Hey I am a Great Slug"....But that is what pattern tests are for :D

Good luck- And Thanks ishootkittens!:)

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