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Kip/Carrier Comp/Ti Tubes


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Kip's Ti alloy tubes are the best on the market, in my opnion. At $189 they include a spring, which drops the effective price of the tube to about $170 if you consider that the spring would also incur a shipping charge if ordered separate.


Kip's Ti tube is 53% of the weight of the steel tubes out there, and is very strong/dent-resistant, being a Ti alloy.


The machining quality is superb.


Any of you who have one, know this all already. The one complaint I have heard a lot of is: "WHERE IS IT!?!?" and "WHY CAN'T I TALK TO KIP!!?!?"


Very valid complaints!


However, I spoke with Kip about this today. He has been fielding phone-calls about 922r, etc. etc. etc.


Any of you who have spoke with Kip knows he is very thorough, and he does like to talk, and he is very polite. All of this means that if you DO reach him, you will probably spend a few minutes talking with him. Time spent on the phone is time spent NOT working on the tubes. Kip also has a personal life as well. It is unreasonable to ask him to drop his personal life. I feel that he has done very well answering his phone/returning my calls as-is.


What I say all this to tell you is, Kip has been a bit slow getting back to some of you, but it has been because he had to give up SOMETHING here. Either he makes tubes, or he talks to you about tubes you wish he was making.


The bottom line is this. CarrierComp is down to a 2-4 week time-table. I ordered my Ti tube Oct. 13, and it is going to be shipping this friday. Kip is getting caught up on things and now what is arguably the best M4 full-length mag tube will also be competatively available as well.


While I feel that communication is key, I also would rather Kip put my e-mail on the back burner for a while and focus on making the Ti tube I ordered. Talk is cheap. Product sells. Order with confidence.

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I ordered mine, waited a month for him to send me an invoice, and a month later it arrived at my doorstep. (Today) I had no contact with him whatsoever.


It is so pretty that I am considering not putting it on my 11707.


Maybe I'll put it in the safe with my collapsibe butt stock and just take it out and stroke it every now and then.


Who am I kidding?

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