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Optics on an M4S90...


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They work. Period.


But only if you spend the money to do it right.


My barrel is still at Benelli, so no pix of it at this time, but I mounted the Aimpoint T1 http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=843 I purchased in the ADM Low mount http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=27291/Product/AD_T1_L_AIMPOINT_MICRO_MOUNT, and slapped it on the rail. I put the collapsible stock on and set it to the middle length setting.


Wow. Wherever you point the shotgun, a red-dot is hovering in your FOV. Instant. Paint the target, bang. Period. There is NO WAY ghost-rings would be faster. The only thing faster than this is just "point shooting".


Now if you have the OEM PG stock, you can't do this. The red-dot will be above your normal plane of sight, which means you must then "find" the dot by moving your head around like some sort of turtle reaching for a piece greens held by a first-grader with palsy. It just won't work. Irons are better for you if you refuse to buy the collapsible stock. If you have one, however, the T1 and ADM Low mount are tops.


*Other mounts for the T1 include:


B&T LRP (sold as a "retrofit kit" by Aimpoint): Nice, but even Aimpoint tech-support doesn't like it.


LaRue: Probably the best T1 mount out there, but the recoil lug gets chewed up by Benelli's axially relieved rail.


KAC: Very similar to the ADM, but over $200.


ADM: Very similar to the GG&G type mounts, VERY solid. Perfect height in the "low" version.


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