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Benelli Southpaw

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ok slick ... I've got this marker type applicator made by Birchwood Casey that I carry in my hunt box it's simple and not messy at all as some of the bottled products are. Price is between $5-$10.


On the other hand OXPHO-BLUE CREME from Brownells is another product. I think it cost around $10-$15.


You can hit the area (be precise) with a little piece of fine steel wool to ease the edges of the scratch but, dont rub the dickens out of it prior to application. You just want to *ease* the edges. Apply the product and rub it gently with the steel wool then apply once more and rub with a piece of flannel or fine cloth.


Like I said it's really only a protection type of fix ... and expect just that ... protection.


good luck lefty - hope this helps


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