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benelli legend


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Great forum guys got a question?? Im an avid white wing and dove hunter in south tex. I recently came across what i think is a good deal. I stop in at pawnshops from time to time looking for deals. I got offerd a Benelli Legned auto for $500 under cost, its at the shop under consignment. the owners' in a pinch and needs cash. its a great looking gun no scratches of any kind. action is crisp and smooth. How reliable are these guns?? Dont know much about the Benelli can i get some feedback thanks..

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$825.. like i said before great looking gun, almost makes me think somethings wrong with it, that he wants out of it.

Does'nt this gun retail for around $1300-1400

Now why would i be just driving by, just trying to get educated abuot this gun is all.


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No offense meant by the drive-by comment.

It's just that sometimes folks pop in here and ask a question, then I guess they forget how they got here.


Yes, $825 is a very good price for a Legacy.


The weapon is very reliable, as the fundamental design is identical to the SBEII.

You can view other Legacys for sale on gunsamerica.com and compare the condition and price to them.


If I lived in TX, I'd ask you how to get to that pawn shop.


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no offense taken. its often better to stop, than to just drive on by and glance at things without really looking.. i was kinda wondering if you meant i was gonna go bust a cap in someone.. LOL.. and needed a gun..

thanks for the advice. i guess i better get to the shop and drop the cash before you try to find it "tucker" .

opening day is this weekend i'll let yall know how it went on monday.

thanks guys.

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well im back. and sorry to report the legacy was bought before if could get to the store... man i was really bumed out. either way still went hunting and bagged the limit and drank away my anger..

i live in Falfurrias Tx, originaly from Edinburg.. are you who i think you are nodark.. by the way the OU a real nice piece.

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