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lead vs steel (assuming lead is legal!)


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I'm currently in Spain and I am going hunting this weekend.


I asked the guide taking me, if lead was legal to shoot waterfowl here in Spain. He told me yes! I brought 4 boxes of black cloud, and I'm curious if the other people going hunting with me (Spanish people) will blow me out of the water (in being able to shoot farther, etc.)?






PS their shells (lead of course) are sooooo much cheaper than the black cloud I brought!

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Yep they will smoke you becasue you are a visitor, no i was kidding and lead will always shoot better than steel but you should be fine and if you would feel better buy some lead over there if you have a good choke with you, if not just put it on them guys with the BC! Must be nice, Christmas Duck hunt in Spain!:rolleyes: Good Luck and do not miss too many:p

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hmmm you really think I should go buy some lead bullets? how much farther can they shoot vs steel?


I have 2 boxes of Black Cloud, 1 box of Hevi Metal, and a box of kent...


I'm new to duck hunting (been a few times this year in SC, but came up empty handed) what is my effective range (with these bullets) do you think?


thanks again!


I'll post some pics if I'm successful ! I sureeee do hope so!


Mallards baby!

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Possibly might need the Hybrid shot you brought with you to even keep up with the locals! Most of it depends on your ability to put it on them and have some good shots with either you would use. Lead is cheaper and has worked for years and the Hybrid might work at much longer distances but if they are close i would save my money and do lead!

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here are our ducks!


me and a few other guys went hunting in some thick thick fog...


lemme tell ya a little about their ways of hunting...


depending on which state you are in Spain, lead is legal and illegal, the state in which we hunted, you could use lead... most used 6-7 shot...


you can bait.... there was a lot of grain thrown out....


and a couple of guys even brought 3 mallard ducks (1 drake and 2 hens) in a cage, and used them to call the other ducks in! it was crazy!


and you can hunt them at night... (they would shine a pond with a light periodically)


anyways, here's a pic...


this is my first year hunting and I just cleaned some ducks for the first time, man, it was a lot easier than I thought :-)!


PS, can someone please ID the ducks in the bottom right?





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