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SBE II v Vinci


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I'm considering buying a new semi-auto but I can't make up my mind. Everyon around here says stick with the sbe II but I really like the feel of the Vinci and don't shoot 31/2". What are the advantages and disadvantages, pro and cons and your suggestions.


Thanks alot.



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I was in the same boat as you, I was torn between the SBE 2 and the Vinci...


I've never shot 3.5" and I don't even think it's necessary, besides, it's not that big of a difference, I'm here duck hunting in Spain shooting 3" shells, and these Spaniards are knockin these ducks deader than a door nail with 2 3/4th inch shells...


My cousin went with the SBE 2, me the Vinci... we both went to the range and both said the Vinci was the better gun...


Everyone is gonna say that it's the new model bla bla bla and therefore it's not tried and tested... I say it's a benelli, they stand behind their workmanship, and yes, I know some people on the inside in the Benelli company and they think that the future of all shotgun will probably be the break down in 3 piece configuration.


anyways, I love mine man, can't tell you how much I love it, I even love how it looks, the SBE 2 is so ordinary looking, when I pull the Vinci out, it looks so different... I know some people dont' like how it looks, but it was designed to kill, not to win fashion shows...


I love it, good luck!



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Let me approach this topic from three different angles:


1. As A hunter

2. As a Marketing Manager

3. As a Supply Chain Manager


Your question Vinci vs SBE II:


Obviously the Vinci can not shoot 3 1/2" shells, personally I don't not shoot 3.5's, however many folks do (don't understand why) so the SBE appeals to a wider market segment when resale becomes a issue. Benelli has never put out a bad (shotgun) product, so I would not be concerned with operating quality and jamming issue's although I have seen many of these complaints from both gun owners on this forum. Most of these are operator and maintenance shortcomings. I personally have all of the Benelli offerings and really think its a personal choice.


As far as marketing Benelli has POSITIONED another hunting autoloader in a already crowded segment, a segement which they invented and are being challenged by the competition. A unique problem Benelli has is PRICE. All the Benelli offerings are premium priced with price points relatively close in the the premium autoloader market. Sadly, the M1 which could be the best gun of the three has price repositioned or repositioned as a entry level premium autoloader to attract a market segment based on price in the Premium autoloader segment. Benelli demographics - college educated, Income 100K plus, multiple gun owner, cuacasian male, 40 plus. Clearly, Benelli has positioned the Vince the with a premium price that serves as a signal of quality.


As a Supply Chain Manager Benelli needs to drive cost from the supply chain - it appears this is a major factor in the production of the Vinci and the market trend shift in the acceptance of a non traditional looking gun. If Benelli can drive the market to the Vinci lineage predictability and forecasting could be more streamline which drives costs from systems. Don'y get this confused with quality - these are really two different topics. Think about the reduction of parts, the refined manufacturing process that take three main parts of the gun could be completed and then send to a production line for final assembly. If Benelli can drive the entire premium gun market to the Vinci platform just imagine what options could be produced and the cost savings in single platform reduction and costs controlls. Secondly the vinci platform allows aftermarketer to produce modular parts for this gun which would drive cost down to the gun owner.


Finally lets look at the evolution of the recoil spring assembly - The orginal Montefeltro did not even have a recoil tube nut to remove the recoil spring. This was added to Super 90's and latter the M1's. The m2's and SBE II's they received the easy removal butt pad a a corrosion resistant recoil spring tube and spring.... your seeing it... now the Vinci has the recoil spring as part of the operating bolt assembly. My first though was how is that little spring going to replace the original recoil spring of the after-mentioned models. The smaller the spring the easier it is to except the tolerance you are looking for and to maintain these spec's over time. Quality perceptions are made by many factors, ease of maintenance has evolved which allowed Benelli to POSITION products in the premium autoloader segment that fits their target market.


All three Benelli's the M2, SBE II, and Vinci's are all great guns. Benelli needs to continue to drive technology into their offerings to maintain product position which demands quality perceptions and premium prices.

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I have both of these guns. I bought the SBEII 5 years ago and it has been in the shop for cracked stock and broke a ejector yesterday. The spring from the ejector end up in the recoil tube and jamed the whole thing up solid. ANd yes the ejector did have a benelli mod on it so there was no reason for it to break.

Today I shot the 2 month old Vinci and could not get the safety to go back to the safety position several times during the hunt. It was clean and well oiled prior to use.The vinci has the safety in a bad spot and it is hard to push. The rear part of the trigger guard darn near breaks your index finger when you shot 3" heavy loads. The vinci is much harder to load when your fingers are cold too. The vinci does shoot good but does jam more often. I think that will go away once I break it in. The Vinci take down is cool with the exception of the cheap plastic that holds the bolt assembly in place. I wonder how long it is going to last taking it apart every time I use it.

I perfer to shoot the SBEII. The SBEII has had near 10,000 rounds through it. I would say it is broke in.

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