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  1. Did you get one and if so i do you like it?
  2. Agreed! Why in the wide, wide, world of sports would anyone buy a fine hunting shotgun like a SBE and then want to use 7/8oz loads in it? IMO, 12ga 7/8oz loads are for O/U guns and have no use whatsoever in the field.
  3. BigAL33

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    I love my 20ga cordoba. The finest shotgun ever built for Texas dove hunting......hands down!
  4. BigAL33

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    This writer named the 20ga M2 autoloader of the year: http://www.randywakeman.com/2010_Shotgun_and_Wingshooting_%20Awards.htm
  5. I'm glad it's working for you now. I love my cordoba. I can't wait until September 1st!
  6. I highly recommend the Vinci. I have only one year of shooting experience with mine but it has performed flawlessly with a wide range of shells. The new ComforTech Plus recoil system really performs well with the heavier 3in duck loads. I can't wait for the Fall hunting seasons to begin.
  7. I would buy it!!! Great deal.
  8. Agreed! Give the Win AA Xtra-Lite 1oz, 1180 FPS shells a try at the skeet course. These shells cycle fine in my Vinci. Feels like shooting a BB gun.
  9. My Vinci did not require break-in. I starting shooting light dove loads right out of the box with no problems whatsoever.
  10. I shot some Win AA Xtra-Lite Target Load, 2-3/4", #9 Lead Shot, 1 oz @ 1180 fps in my Vinci yesterday evening. The Vinci ate them up like candy.
  11. I tend to agree. Besides, Benelli clearly states on their website to use at least 3 dram, 1oz loads in the Vinci. That's certainly light enough for me. If I want something lighter, I'll use my 20ga.
  12. My Vinci cycles 2 3/4" shells just fine. Just use 1oz, 3 dram or heavier shells and you'll be fine. Mine did not need a break-in. It worked fine with dove loads right out of the box.
  13. The Precision Hunter extended chokes made by Trulock are excellent chokes. The light modified (they call it Skeet 2) is great for doves and they also make a special turkey choke.
  14. The chokes that come with the Vinci work great! Take them to the pattering board and you'll see what I mean.
  15. I don't have any old benellis but sure love my new ones!!!
  16. Except for the Vinci which says: "Ammunition: 12-gauge — 2-3/4" target loads (3 dram, 1 oz.) to 3" Magnums" My 20ga cordoba will cycle 7/8oz standard 1200 FPS target loads all day long (feels like shooting a BB gun). My 12ga Vinci will cycle 1oz 3dram 1200 FPS target loads all day long too. I can't imagine shooting anything any lighter since the felt recoil is so minimal with these light target loads.
  17. Which make extended skeet tube do you use for your Vinci?
  18. I agree. I have a 28ga 870 wingmaster from the 70s with a fixed choke skeet barrel. I love dove hunting with that gun. So smooth!!
  19. The ComforTech pad on my 20ga Cordoba is doing the same thing. I didn't know the replacements were $125!!
  20. I like the B&P F2 Mach 1 oz #8 loads for doves with an IC or LM choke. These loads work great in my Vinci.
  21. The factory IC choke works great with dove loads too. My favorite is the AA supersport, #7.5 shot. These loads wil knock down doves as far out as I dare shoot.
  22. I have had great success with the factory IC choke that came with my Vinci. It shoots a beautiful pattern with 3" hevi-metal steel #3 shot.
  23. Now's a good time to buy. That way you'll have plenty of time to practice before Sept. 1st!
  24. Get a Vinci, screw in the IM choke, get some #6 hevi shot and you're good to go for turkey!
  25. Well, have you decided which one to buy?
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