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Laser, Light, Hologram opinions


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Hey Everyone,

First off, hope you're having a great holiday. Would love your opinions on a few things. Who do you think makes the best:


-Tactical Lights (price/brightness) for tactical shotguns

-Red Dot Sites (and mounts) for tactical shotguns

-Hologram Sites for tactical shotguns

-Laser sites w/ mounts

-Combined tactical light and laser site


Thanks again.

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i would like to hear some opinions too.


but i guess:


red dot: aimpoint, with american defense mounts

hologram: eotech, also with american defense


tac light/laser: no idea really, does anyone know what the military uses?

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I have the Streamlight TLR2 which is both a laser and a pretty nice light mounted to a rail that mounts to the mag tube, bought the optional remote back plate and switch. I mounted the switch to the right forearm withthe included 2 small screws. Also have an Eotech 553 sitting up on the top rail. Looks pretty tough and works excelent!


The TLR2 is great in that you have 3 options for how you want it to work, laser on, light on, or both laser and light on when you squeez the pressure pad...

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Or better yet post up some pictures of that beast!

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Well in that its a ( home defense / havin fun at the range) 12 guage and I dont really think of using beyond say 30-40 yards... Yea it does the trick... I got it at the last Gunshow that was in my area ( costa mesa) not too long ago...

I Like the Shell holder as well, good stuff! solid aluminium, and replaces the rail on top, solid fit.

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