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Supernova PG LOP


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My first Benelli and my first post on the forum... This is a good day.:D


I bought (and fired) a supernova today and LOVE it. I've been more of an 870 guy in the past, but LOVE everything about the supernova... except the length of pull. It's a little long for me.


I have the supernova with pistol grip (#20160). I understand the comfortech stocks come with different inserts to adjust the LOP. I've looked around for something similar for the PG stock to no avail.


Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any help or direction.

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Perhaps a gunsmith with a belt sander could grind yours down a bit? I have never seen the Supernova Pad and stock area but seems that might be only option and much cheaper than changing to the Comfortech Stock System? So i assume you did not check LOP prior to buying at a retailer.

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I'm trying to make it shorter. Would I be able to remove the stock using that method? With the PG stock, I need to remove the stock ever time I take the trigger group out :(


Yes, you use the epoxy only at the top and bottom edges of the stock leaving the middle open. I used brass wood inserts and machine screws to attach a new buttpad and it can be removed easily. You can also use wood screws and screw the buttpad directly into the epoxy.

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