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Report from SHOT 2010


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Finished up my first day here. 7 hours vanished quite quickly. I think I logged at least 15 miles of walking.


Anyway, the Urbino shorty stock is a win. The LOP feels really good. The riser is a nice addition when using an optic. I had no issues with the QD sling mount hitting me in the face.


I went to both Benelli Italy and USA. I showed them some photos from the forum where the factory rail was tearing up the LaRue optic mounts. They seemed shocked but didn't try to blame LaRue as I had expected. All I got for it was an Atlas shrug. Benelli Italy had a standard stock M4 with a full length factory magazine tube on it for display.

I didn't care much for the controls on the Benelli MR1.


In the assault rifle venue, people are going to be pissed. Bushmaster set the MSRP for the ACR at 2700 dollars for the stripped model. When I asked them what happened to the 1500 dollars that was floated for three years now, they said Magpul didn't know what they were doing. The display models showed some development pains. The selector was crappy and the adjustment for the cheek riser was very bad. Barely worth the 1500 price. They're smoking crack if they want 3000 bucks. Ergonomics on it felt good, but as it stood, many aspects were better on the FN SCARS. I laugh, because originally, Magpul held the rifle up to be, "The peoples rifle."


Troy Industries has come out with a crap load of new products for the AR series of weapons. They're trying to reinvent the wheel and selling ambidextrous controls and even plastic magazines. Their magazines have a lot more inherent texture to them compared to Pmags. I'm not sold yet though.

One thing I really liked was they're offering an upgrade program to their flip up rear sights. They've redesigned the rear sights aperture to a diamond design. They're also offering the option to add tritium to it. I tried to disassemble mine a few months ago and it was a NOGO. Also, across the board they are reducing prices.


Glock's Generation 4 grips are really nice. The aggressive texture is excellent. The removable back straps really slim down the frame significantly.


Springfield Armory is releasing an XDm in 45acp this year. No detail on it though.


Robar upgraded it's NP3 process. It has significantly better corrosion resistance properties and keeps its self lubricating properties intact. I'm considering sending my piston driven MRP to them. The had several AR parts coated. They look quite easy to clean, and the finish is self lubricating. Matching these qualities with the clean running action of the piston driven MRP would be a huge win.


I went and compared the 7.62 offerings from LMT and LaRue. I liked the LaRue much better. It felt lighter and the action felt much better. The LaRue rifle was fully loaded with accessories too. The LMT was stripped bare other than an Aimpoint T1 on a Daniel Defense mount.


Aimpoint doesn't have anything new of interest coming out.


Overall, it was fun. I haven't decided if I am going to go back tomorrow or not.

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You can take photos if the dealer doesn't mind. The M4's were hidden in different locations. Benelli Italy had the standard stock and the full length steel tube. Benelli USA had the pistol grip stock limited tube we're used to seeing. Beretta USA had a collapsible stock model. Mesa had his older 11703 4 port model with a collapsible stock. The urbino was on an M2. Mesa's collapsible stock hasn't been produced yet.


These aren't my photos, but Mesa's.





The wood grain texture is an artifact and will not be on the production model. The cheek piece is optional.

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Great report SD!


Nice to hear the good report after being hands-on with the Urbino. Any update on time frame for availability?


I'm going to have to check out that LaRue 7.62 a little more. I had been thinking LMT or LWRC but I'll hold off till I can check out LaRue.


I was hoping that SA would do the XDM in .45. Hopefully it will be free of the problems sometimes seen with the XD in .45 although they still don't even have a CA legal XDM in 9mm or .40




Hookster :)

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Not being a fan of EOTech, I just glanced at their offerings. I'm not up on all the models, so I couldn't tell what was new and old, sorry.


Handling of the Trijicon Tripower was interesting. I liked it better than I was expecting. It was quite bright and matched well with a 3x magnifier from Aimpoint. The Tripower is a lot bigger than it looks in pictures. I think my rifles next addition will be the LaRue mounted Aimpoint magnifier. The ACR could only wish for such a quality detent action on their stock as his is for the engagement of the pivot mount.


Mesa indicated that the stocks should be ready to ship by March/April.


My guess is the XDm 45 will be much later in the year. They didn't even have a stat on how many rounds it would hold.

I asked where the FDE XDm's were, and they said FDE was not a very popular color. I always considered it more popular than OD green.


I'm not a huge fanboy of LaRues, but I do like his workmanship. If I had picked between the LMT MRP and the LaRue OBR, I would have instinctively went with the LMT. The OBR comes with the Geiselle SSA trigger as a standard option.


It has rained the entire week of the show off and on. I walked from my hotel at Circus Circus to the convention center. All the porno magazines that normally blow down the strip are soggy and pasted to the sidewalk. The strip is pretty dirty honestly. As iconic as it is, I would have expected Oscar Goodman to keep it cleaned up. The new billboard trucks are really annoying. They clog the street at rush hour for visibility. Every casino has dozens of people lurking around trying to swindle you into going to shows or making arrangements with them. I thought for a second I was at a carnival and the carnies were trying to hook me.


I'm in Vegas almost every week for work related issues. Rarely do I go to the strip though. The scene has changed significantly. It seems a lot of the carnies types are from Eastern Europe or Russia.

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