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I own an SBEI 12 gauge and a Monte 20 gauge and have difficulty unloading shells from the magazine on both. I have to press the cartridge retaining lever so hard that my finger hurts, and even then I have to futz with it to get it to release shells in the mag. Does anyone else have trouble with this? The manuals show a guy simply reaching in the carrier cavity and pushing with his index finger on the lever. I have to pinch the lever against the receiver using my index finger and thumb and it still doesn't want to release the shell. What am I missing here?

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Thanks for the replies guys. I thought maybe there was a trick to it, or that I was doing something wrong. I think I'll resort to cycling the live shells out also. You'd think Benelli could design the lever mechanism a little better, or at least let you know in the manual that the lever method is a little "rough".

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The manual does explain that the cartridge replacement procedure can be repeated in order to unload the gun.

"gun can be unloaded by repeating the operation, as described under point B, this section above, of the chapter: ”Cartridge


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