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Last day of the season for the Northern Neck area of Virginia, and we had a true blizzard,could not see anything,the road or any birds,a little snow would have been fine,but not this.Oh well thats the way it goes some times.I did not do as well as i did last year,hunted alot by myself this year, dad had pnemonia and brother had new baby.I did better on ducks but way down on geese,they really didnt hit the winter wheat fields,and that is what i had permission to hunt on,even my waterfront spot was pretty dry.I am already depressed and thinking of next season and what new gear i need.Thursday i had about three hundred over me but none would come lower enough for shot,they were seeing the blind it was a bean field,flat and a tough hide.Anyway how did you guys finish up?

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Slow year in Wisconsin too. One really good day on a weekend the thursday before the gun deer season. It rained greenheads and bluebills. You just couldn't make out what was what until they were on top of you in the mist. Saw alot of ducks, just not as many as we were used to.


Overall, the flight happened late and fast and while us cheeseheads were trying to fill our buck tags. Next year....


I added some gear though to help draw ducks a bit closer. I have 2 new spinning wing deeks molded wings (not plastic cardboard..) and they came with an intermittant timer. Good value good product. My hopes are high. I also got 1 1/2 dozen new deeks 6 pinnies, 6 greenheads and 6 bluebills. I read a little and they say variety and "brighter" can be better. Others say black is easier for the ducks to see. The only thing I'm still entertaining is a low cost, simple and not a pain in the butt method of putting some swimming movement into my spread.

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We did great in the beginning of the season. I think we killed around 85 ducks in about 7 hunts, then it went all downhill from there. Numbers aren't important to me, but I think we totaled around 160-170 ducks as a group. The later part of the season I really struggled. In about 10 hunts, I was only averaging 1 bird per hunt. The geese never hit any of the fields I have permission on. I was lucky that a buddy was able to bail me out and get me on some geese. I think I killed around 30. Over all, mediocre season, but definately not my best...I too am ready for next season. Have a baby on the way, bass to catch and a 1 year old pup to train. Gonna be a busy off season....bring on October 2010.

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