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New Benelli M4's And Mag Extensions


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I'd read a rumor somewhere on this forum about the new Benelli M4's not being physically able to accept the mag extensions anymore.


Well, I saw a photo on Impact Guns, and it sure as heck looks like the rumors about them not fitting were correct. What do you guys think?








Note the location of the band on the underside of the barrel in relation to the front sight on both models.


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That was me that was crying that the sky was falling. There has been no major change to the M4, it will still accept anything you can get for it. I do not know what is up with the photo, it was brought to Impacts attention but they have not done anything....

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I got a new M4 from Impact yesterday, and it looks precisely like the photo you've labeled "old". The M4 photo on the Impact site today also looks like the "old" photo. Rob of Impact reported on their forum that the new M4 should accept the mag extensions, although he had previously thought it wouldn't.

Does anybody know where to get a mag extension? Impact has none.



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Ishmael as to where to get an M4 ext. seems to be the $50,000.00 question. You might want to try Mann and Sons (do a search for there phone # on this site, no website) I don't know if there even in business anymore. All the distributors w/ websites have been sold out for some time. You can probably find knock off brand ext. (maybe)

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Heres a reason ext. may be hard to find. This is off Cals Sporting Armory


November 2, 2005


Until further notice, BenelliUSA will cease all sales, marketing and use of magazine tube extensions imported or sold under the Benelli, Franchi and Stoeger brands.


BenelliUSA will allow magazine extensions to be supplied by way of tax-exempt sales to law enforcement and government agencies only. The dealer of such a sale will have to supply a letter to BenelliUSA confirming the final destination of the magazine tube extension(s).


If you have questions regarding this new BenelliUSA policy please call (301)283-6981.

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pdw4137 if I were in the market I'd prefer name brand as well. That price of $89 is getting much closer to what the ext.'s use to cost before Benelli ceased importation. Thanks for the link, I'm sure many people will find it beneficial.

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