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Any one have a video???


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ive looked all online and the only gun i cant find a video for is the M4, does any one have or know a link to a video of how to take the M4 apart, how to clean it, or even how to operate it anything useful about the M4, im tired of seeing little girls firing the damn thingicon8.gif. Can anyone help.....

will anyone be willing to make oneicon10.gif

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I can picture M1014 making videos of his engraved, limited edition Benelli's. Stripper music, slow dissolves, soft lighting, taking them to the brink of actually being shot, and then teasingly putting them back in their individual, soft, velvet lined cases. Gun Porn :o

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OOOH! A naked bolt! Is the last photo supposed to show the engraved beauties taking "all three inches!"

I still say you need to attach the barrel to the rest of the gun before loading it. Although it did in fact "touch" a shell this time around.



M1014, I'm still wondering about a few things:


1) How many limited editions do you have?


2) How do you manage to score the #1's, do you camp out at Benelli HQ in Italy?

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3,limited editions,the paired legacy set from the year 2000 and the 2002 sbe 10th anniversary solo,,,,I obtain these type of Benelli models thru research/persistance/tenacity,,,I should've gotten into SBEs years ago,,the 12 ga range capacity is phenominal,,plus its furniture and extra mag capabilities,barrels,,optic options,truly a flexible weapon system,,gonna have to invest in more SBEs. Later this week I'm gonna devirginize it,,beem stockin up on 3 1/2" super magnums.

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