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SuperNova question (new owner)


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I'm a Benelli noob so I need some help. I just bought a 26" SuperNova that i'll use as my all around gun. Is the SuperNova drilled and tapped so I can put a scope on for turkey or deer? Or just the steady grip and tactical....? Any other suggestions if its not...

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Supernovas are drilled and tapped. But just as gfpd707 indicated, you have to unfortunately disassemble the gun (including pulling the trigger assembly out) to push the plastic tabs out of the drilled holes. As much as I love the Benelli company, this is a headache and customer oversight that could be easily and inexpensively taken care of by using plastic fillers with threads. To learn more go to a page in my website ..... http://www.outdoorsurveys.com/The_Perfect_Turkey_Gun.html

as I'm pretty sure I have a link to a youtube video that will walk you through breaking down your gun.

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no they are not ALL drilled and tapped.. only the tactical and apg camoed guns are pre-drilled and tapped. believe me, i went and got my max-4 hd gun drilled and tapped by a gunsmith so i could deer hunt and turkey hunt with it! take your gun to a gun smith and tell them to put some gorilla glue or somekind a cement (lol) on those screws to keep them in place! they will mount the rail and all for you!

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