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26" vs 28" bbl...


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Is there any ballistics data supporting that the 28" is any better than the 26". I have a Rem 300 ultra mag with a 26"bbl and I know that every inch you shave off the barrel effects the speed....same with the shotguns i assume with the 3 1/2 mag shell. I would want the better performing barrel but not sure its actually worth it having to lug around a bigger gun....any thoughts?

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This being a turkey hunting forum, I presume you are asking about longer barrels patterning better for turkey hunting guns.


Advanced pattern testing shows some longer barrels can be better for turkey loads.


Worst guns I have ever tried to pattern have been 24" bbl guns :( 26 & 28 has gone better....

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I love the 26" barrel because of its versatility, you would not think that 2 inches would make a big difference but it does considering all of the weight from the extra 2" is at the end of the gun and for Turkey hunting you are holding that gun up for long periods of time completely motionless. Get a pair of Shooting Sticks if you are a Sitter- your comfort level will be so much better- no matter what size barrel you have!

I have been doing extensive pattern testing for the last 9 months with all kinds of different loads for different applications through my SuperNova with many different Chokes, Ammunition Companies, Loads, Etc.

I can tell you that for me 3" loads pattern much better than 3.5" loads. 9 months ago I would have told you 3.5" loads all day long but after seeing the results box after box from different companies and different loads it is consistently 3" for the best pattern.

I am sure that many will disagree but these are my findings, others may find otherwise.

Best of Luck this Spring!

Hunt Hard and Be Safe!

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