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camo for coyote hunting?


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I know coyotes can get spooked easily so I am wondering what lengths I would need to go to get camo'd up before hunting. I'm sure covering your whole body in camo clothes is important but is it necessary to have your gun/whatever else be camo too? It sounds a little over the top to me. Opinions are welcome :D

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Most folks I've seen doing it dress similarly to how they do when they're turkey hunting. Head to toe camo and a face mask of some sort.


On the other hand, I've seen a coyote walk right in front of two guys standing beside a pickup in the wide open.


Movement and wind direction would be my primary concerns.

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What's stopping you? If you don't want to wear special gear, you can just get yourself a few camo t-shirts, and if you're having problems discovering something like that in usual stores, you can check out Printful and come up with your custom clothing, I think it's a great option if you can't find any good t-shirts or hoodies.

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On 4/14/2022 at 9:53 PM, StreetSweeper56 said:

Camo clothing is great! If you spill something or get dirty oil on it no one can tell!

Amen! One of the biggest reasons I absolutely love camo is 'cause of that. You can be rolling in dust n mud and 80% of the time noone gonna notice 😁

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