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cleaning the outside


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im about to get my camo vinci next week and was wondering what people use to clean the outside of the gun. I have read where you have to be selective on what you choose so it doesnt eat away at the film on the gun. Maybe a better question is what not to spray the outside with. thanks

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I've heard similar stories. Syn stock won't rust and the coating on metal parts when no scratches will also prevent from rusting. I clean my SBE II with a damp cloth. I only use solvent and lube on the inside. For the price you pay for them, why take the chance.


Congrats on your new Vinci...

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I'd be surprised if gunscrubber or breakfree did not damage the camo finish. That stuff will melt a lot of plastics and paint. My concern would be damaged parts of the coating or near edges. Once it gets beneath the coating, it's like visiting a burn ward peeling snakes.


I'd use a milder cleaner, or test the other on an area you're not worried about ruining.

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Dampen a cloth with water and wipe the camo finished areas. Then wipe dry.


If you get mud or excessive dirt on it, you can use a mild detergent, such as a small amount of liquid hand soap or dish soap, but follow up with a clean water cloth and wipe dry.


CLP won't hurt it, but it's not going to help it any either.

When lubing the mechanicals, wipe away any excess CLP from the finished surfaces with a dry cloth.

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