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Which one would you buy for Turkey gun?


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You want the M-2 since it has the comfort tech stock.....especially if you are not interested in the 3.5 inch shells. I've had and traded off Benelli's without the comfort tech due to the beating I was taking. I don't duck hunt and shoot alot of heavy shells, but I shoot lots of game loads (just over 6,000 rounds per year) and the recoil was just too much w/o the comfort tech. I killed 4 gobblers and a coyote this past spring at 30,30,40,60, and 71 yards with the 1.5 oz. high velocity Hevi Shot #6's and shot several times at a pattern board without noticing excessive kick on my shoulder or any face slap.


Of the Remingtons, Berretas, Brownings, and Franchi's that I've owned and shot in the past couple of years, the Benelli M-2 with a 24" barrel has got to be the most fun, none kicking shotgun I've shot.


Also, I don't think you get the Criochoke system with the SBE I, I don't know for sure. I know, I know, the Criochoke system seems hard to prove, but since I've got mine, I've noticied the M-2 seems to be almost "forgiving". What I mean by that is on the shots inside 25 yards (at sporting clays) I'll put in the cylinder choke tube and can vary the shots significantly and still break the birds....and I don't mean 7 or 8 out of 10. I mean 10 for 10. There does not seem to be holes in the pattern like I'm used to at those distances with that choke/load combinations. On paper, the pattern looks the same, but I believe, after shooting it, that the shot cloud does indeed get to the target at the same time like their advertisment says. I'm not a registered sporting clays shooter (I like to keep my money), but I'm shooting right in there with the Master class and AA shooters that shoot at the club all the time and that's with a 24" barrel! I shoot that little gun as good as my 32" barrel Browning XS! Absolutely couldn't be happier.


As far as the camo vs. synthetic goes, I would rather have the camo because it doesn't have to be wipped off. That's the only reason though.


I looked up your residence....close to Memphis. Duck hunter?

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