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M4 Trap and Sporting Clays Outing


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I was invited to a shoot sponsored by our HVAC vendor. It was their customer appreciation day. The invitation said to bring your shotgun and all I have is the M4! We had a fun day. Since our group reserved the entire facility for the day they allowed me to bend the rules (load one shell at a time....right...). I shot 25 clays at the trap range and hit 5 on the first round. It may not sound like much but I never attempted shooting trap before. They let me load 5 shells at once for each station. Since I was in the line with 4 other shooters I exercised restraint and only took one shot per clay.


We moved on to the sporting clays. It was much faster and the little clays were difficult to see. Since there were fewer people and only one shooter at a time I was able to shoot "Assault Sporting Clays" and just loaded up the extended mag and blasted away until the clay hit the ground. That was really fun:D. I did the best at one station where the clays came right at us. I guess basic survival instincts kicked in or I just like Uncle Jimbo on South Park "It's coming right for us!"


The best shot of the day was a double that came right at me. The first shot hit the clay but knocked a big chunk off it. I thought the chunk was the second clay and hit it squarely and blew it into dust. I lowered the gun thinking I was done when someone behind me said there was still one coming. I took a quick shot from the hip and hit it!


Major cool points but I know...If there are no photos it never happened! Sorry guys. :(

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Its sometimes fun to use a tool that clearly wasn't meant for the job and make it work anyways.


I've done the same thing ... my range has 3 trap throwers in a row, and we've loaded up all 3 and launch at the same time with 9 rounds in the m4 ... fun times.

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I have used my M4 for Az Quail. Last season, I was able to bag my limit of 30 in two days of hunting the cactus hills. I have to say I quit carring my Beretta Silver Pigion O/U in favor of the M4! I really like having the quick release sling and extra ammo on the Mesa Tactical side saddle.

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