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unhappy w/ M1 Super 90

big fish

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Had it about a month (from new) and it just doesnt comare to the gun (SBE) I had from 94-97. Doesn't cycle fast enough, doesn't take the extra shell on the tray, and it recoils WAY MORE than I remember!

Would a sure cycle system help, and if so how?

I want a gun from the heyday of HK/Benelli.


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Hey big fish - what do you want to hear? - please tell us.


You have posted several times about your new M1 and how much you hate it.


I can't think of how your old SBE could have been so much faster given that Benelli did not change the length the bolt travels or any other mechanical issue that might have 'slowed' down the M1. I know of guys that can shoot the M1 at around .13/.14, so I guess not all M1's are so 'slow'.


Same for your recoil claim. I can think of nothing that would make your 'new' M1 kick 'way more' than an older SBE.


You can fill the floating groove with JB weld and grind it flat or buy an old bolt or find a welder to help. Benelli fixed the float 'cuz it was a liability.


Maybe they should have a floating bolt for defense shooters, but the reality is that the floating bolt exposed Benelli to much negative press.


The Sure Cycle will probably help. Call Jeff and he will take the time to discuss the whole process with you - he is a great guy.


As to the Winchester X2, it is currently the world's fastest cycling semi-auto shotgun right out of the box with no modifications. It is also gas operated so the recoil is less. Maybe you should consider it given that you hate your new M1 so much.


No one should shoot something they hate.....


mudhen - CA

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The grass is always greener on the other side.....


If the gun is really kicking you that hard, and your shoulder is giving too much it will slow down the cycling a little bit due to timing of the inertia system.


Your SBE I am sure proably had a much stiffer recoil spring to handle loading the 3 1/2 rounds which probably closed the bolt a little faster also.


Speaking of which did you ever clean the tube that houses the recoil spring in the stock, all guns when they come from the factory have a heavy lube/ rust preventitive on them everywhere so they can sit in storage till sold ( of course Benellis dont sit on a shelf long before they sell tongue.gif ).


If your spring tube has any of this crap in it, the friction slows the spring movement by quite a bit. Dissassemble it and remove the spring and plunger and run some cleaner and cleaning patches through it till they come out perfectly clean, then clean the spring and plunger assembly throughly ( dont half a$$ it ).

Next take some super light oil like benelli oil and rub a little on the plunger side walls and stick it back in. Get your hand a little oily and handle the spring till it has a real light coat on it and put it back in and reasemble the stock.

Any friction in the recoil spring assembly, guide rails etc.. will slow down the gun as will too much oil, or too heavy of oil.


As far as the recoil.. That was nearly 10 years ago man! Your an old man now and the recoil is reminding you of that . :D Get out there and shoot that bad boy and your shoulder will toughen up, if it doesn't.. another good thing about a Benelli is it doesn't lose much in resale value!


As for the X2..

I shoot the Super Sport mostly which weighs in at 7.3 pounds, to shoot a comparable Winchester X2 model it weighs 8 pounds 4 onces So I am afraid THAT gun would only SLOOOOOW me down...


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