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When did our Constitution get a disclaimer?


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it basically boils down to this. the fact that people have and want to change the way this country "USED" to do things is WHY THIS COUNTRY IS IN SUCH BAD SHAPE!! ;) Imagine all the rules and laws we had in the 50's and the same we have now, its a F--King joke!!! LIBERALISM ruins EVERYTHING it touches!!;)

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It seems that I am shaking my head in disbelief at more and more of late.


Just curious... as I am pretty new here, is the discussion of news and current affairs allowed in this forum?


depends on the topic and how you word it. but NEVER pick on OBUMMER, cause then you'll make Tucker mad!! and you dont want him mad at you!!



Skeeter, your just mad because we keep trying to export you.:cool:

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please dont pick on o'bama...if you do... we will have to listen to o'tucka


Tucker really only has 2 lines I've seen.


1) - "But Obama hasn't taken your guns yet!"

2) - "But George Bush did that too!"


He proudly stated he voted for Obama. He deserves to reap what he has sown.

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