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M2 Tactical w/RS


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I have both an M4 and an M2 tactical. I prefer the M4 in the house next to my bed a night, but I really like the M2 for range use.


The M2 is lighter, holds more rounds but recoils harder and cant handle alot of accessories like the M4 can.


The M4 is heavier holds less rounds but is more reliable with lower powered rounds and can have as many lights, lasers, grips, scopes, lcd hdtvs, I phones, microwaves, ect.


Both the M4 and M2 tactical are drilled and tapped. So it really depends on what you are going to use it for, but you will probably end up owning both like me and many other members here.

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The nearest dealers are over 100 miles away and it was about a week after the rebate started before I could get there. They sold the only M4 remaining, but had some M2 shotguns with ghost ring or rifle sights. They have never had any SNT for some reason nor has either of the other two dealers in that same town.

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GET BOTH? Yeah, I know, really helpful.


I have the M4, and LOVE IT! What was said above is great info, so I won't bother repeating.


What is the use/intent of the gun? If it's for HD, then either. I just used my M4 for a 3-gun competition, and it rocked, but. . . shooting tactical iron, I might consider getting an M2 since I'm shooting a basic bare-bones shotty with no widgets and gadgets on it. (ammo capacity w/ extended tube, lighter, etc.)


Benellis are addicting, very VERY addicting. My Benelli bug started in March of this year, I already have two, and am gonna see if an M2 isn't in the future myself! :D But.. . . I may have to oblige the wife first and get her the Nova 20ga she is wanting. (twisting arm. . . . ok hon!)


Best of luck!

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I had an HK M1S90, added a Surefire forend and never had a malfunction. It was a great gun and rifle sights was the only option then. That's one of the reasons I was only considering Benellis this time around. Also had a M1014, but never shot it. I already got the M2, just wondered about the rail because the receiver isn't the same as the M2 with GR sights.

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