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Comfor-Tech chevron problems

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I was stuck in the middle of the Amazon. I had a couple cases of buckshot, so I shot out the middle of a log to make a canoe. I fine-carved some creature-comforts with my Swiss-Army knife, then I paddled up-river to the next village.


The catcher, I used my comfort-tech stock laden Supersport as my paddle. It deflected the arrows of locals, the bites of alligators and piranhas and begged the admiration of vilager with the carbon-fiber material(I know it's a sticker.)


No problems with my comfort-tech. :D


In all seriousness, nope, haven't heard of issues and have not had any with mine including frequent contact with bug-spray since my trap/skeet club is a festering of mosquito larvae!! :eek:

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I heard today that the chevrons tend to bubble and fall out in either cold weather or when they get wet. Is there anything to this?




I have a SuperNova and SBE-II.....so far no issues with the chevrons.


Myself also read and heard the SBE-II had issues with target loads....mine runs them perfectly.

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Haven't had the stock apart in a while, but if I recall correctly, they are all connected to one another from the inside. All on the same strip of rubber (or whatever).



No. Each chevron is a separate part, and there are right and left side versions.

The parts are labeled alpha numerically.

The prefixes are D for "destra", which means "right" in Italian, and S for "sinistra", which means "left".

The numbers are ascending from smallest to largest.


So the smallest chevron on the RH side is "D-1".


The only one that is bridged is the one that fits directly behind the pistol grip.


As difficult as mine were to get back in after having my gun dipped, I can't imagine one ever popping out.



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