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Got my tube from Kip, looks beautiful!

I am curious to know, the "friction plug" that holds the spring in the tube. Is there a better way to secure it in the tube so it doesnt pop out when I unscrew the foreend cap? It is held in there by friction, but for some reason, the friction is really not holding it into place. My spring and "friction plug" shot out like a missile the other day.

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Ohio- I did open the the retainer ring some before placing it back into the tube.. Im thinking the TI tube has less friction than the steel tube :confused:


Some place along the line you compressed it too much. Mine works fine with the CC tube, just like it did with the Benelli tube.

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If it "shot out" upon trying to remove the retainer itself, use a screwdriver (I use a Phillips) in order to keep any projectile issues at bay upon removal. Otherwise, try using your thumb to catch the retainer as you remove the cap.


If nothing else, you might try replacing the spring retainer as it could be that the current one has been worn a bit too smooth. Of course, there is the idea that the spring itself may simply be a bit too long.

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