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Steel Shot advise


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Need some advice I will be hunting teal and duck soon over decoys and in flight. I shoot a Cordoba so 3" is my limit, I am a bit confused with shot size ie BBB, BB vs 1,2,3,4, etc I am looking at the Kent's Fasteel, I was looking at Black Cloud but I have a ported barrel so that is a no-go)o; .... I am looking for a middle ground as I would like to purchase a case of 3" what shot oz. is recommended and what shot size should I use. Thanks for any advise.

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I shot 4's almost exclusively last year and found them to be effective on mallards to 40 yards and great for teal.

Even thumped a couple geese with them.


Since you can't use black cloud, you may want to have a look at the new stuff from Remington.



I am thinking a case of #4s for Teal and a case of #3 for Ducks, looking at Kents Fasteel not sure what oz I shoud get?

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I shoot a HK/Benelli SBE and now have a new Vinci and have been shooting 3" #2's for 18 years. Find they work the best for me.

I don't often shoot past 35 yards so I prefer Winchester Xpert 1-1/4oz, it's fairly cheap @ $109 delivered from Mack's PW. I just don't care for the 1-1/8oz fast steel or the expensive heavy non-toxics. I haven't lost any cripples in years.

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