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M1 7+ Mag Extension - legal or not?


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I'm pretty sure that the restriction on having a pistol grip and greater than 5 round mag capacity (which would make it an assault weapon by 1994 AWB definition) expired with the AWB in 2004.


But I'm not an expert - that's why I'm putting it out to the forum!!!!


Can anyone confirm or deny? Anyone have any solid info on 5+ round capacity on a post-89 import m1?

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So then the big question is the imported parts count on the M1. BATF's letter says that the M4 has 11 parts, including a separate pistol grip. By my count the M1 would only have 10 qualifying parts, since the pistol grip stock is a one piece unit on the M1. But that's my part count and I'm no expert on Benelli's.... and the M1 is a different design than the M4.


Which brings me back to where we started.... does anyone know one way or the other for sure?


Or is that question best left unanswered?

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I suppose only a jury could decide that one, but by then it is way too late!


Obviously an internet forum is not the place for definitive legal advice, but so far this forum has had lots of other good info... in fact I would not even have thought there might be a problem if hadn't found the worriesome M4 ATF letter here in the first place!


I was asking in the hopes that maybe someone had already had received verifiable info regarding the M1 from ATF, Benelli or some other authoritative source....


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Got two votes now that a non-pistol grip w/ 7+ extender is OK. Can anyone point me in the direction of the regs that are the basis for that?


Indeed the other 922r threads have covered the same issue but there is still lots of room for interpretation....


The key piece that caught my attention in the 922r thread is in the ATF's letter about the M4, which says:



"A shotgun having a magazine capacity of more than five shells is prohibited from importation under 18 USC 925(d)® since it fails to sporting firearms criteria. Therefore it is a violation of 18 USC 922® to assemble such a shotgun from imported parts, as listed in 27 CFR 478.39."


Of course the next para. says its OK if the shotgun has 10 or fewer parts.


So..... if the imported parts count on an M1 is 13 as pdw4137 indicates above, it would seem that the presence/absence of the PG would not matter - its the capacity that is the key issue....


If this is indeed the case, does anyone have a recommendation which parts can be swapped out with readily available USA parts to make it 992r compliant?

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Nitro here is the best advice I can give you on this and alot of this is my own opinion for what it is worth. first I do not think you will be able to find enough U.S. made parts for an M1 to get your parts count to where it needs to be so just go trade that old gun off on a brand new M4 :D

second: go talk to some of the local law enforcement officers and get a feel for their attitude twords such things. **** hook up with one and ride with him one weekend night you don't have anything to do....where I'm from the cops are pretty cool.

third: if you can go to the local Gander Moutain and buy a new Remingtion tactical or a Mossberg 590 do you really think they'd waste their time on you unless you had other stuff they was trying to get you on, and lets say among a bunch off illegal weapons finds your non-compliant 922r shotgun?

I can say that where I'm from the local law would frown more upon a collapsible stock than anything else. I guess what i'm trying to say is I think we are all trying to think too far into all technical jumbo....as long as you are a level guy and not a criminal I can't see you ever having any trouble. I have never had a cop or game warden that has said a word to me about my shotgun at the local ranges or anyplace except "wow thats cool" after holding it for ten minutes and sometimes even shooting it. smile.gif

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Good practical advice above. And I do rather like the M4 - which is how I fell into this topic in the first place!


My local law enforcement is excellent and I'm honored shoot with some of Arizona's finest at our local ranges. But while I value their professional opinons on the subject, enforcement of 922r alone is not part their normal duties, unless, as you point out above, it is comes up during another investigation.


So..... since the Benelli is such a outstanding weapon for home defense, I think its important that it stand up to the most intense scruntiny in the event it has to be used as the final option to defend home and family. Then, even the most "level guy" is going to have to answer lots of questions, especially about a weapon that makes such big holes. Hence my thread of technical questions above....

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Cops are cool, as I have been one for 19 years. Most cops don't even know what 922r is let alone if your weapon is legal or not becuase of US made parts. As far as the Feds go, it seems like you could ask 10 ATF afents the same question and get 10 different answers.

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I'd have to agree with HDRGKG. Been an officer for 29years. The only thing I don't want to see is a shortened barrel or stock below the legal limit or a full auto. That other stuff about installing American made parts is a bunch of political BS. Most street cops wouldn't know the difference, much less how to ID a non US made part.

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Based on the earlier M4 thread, I think (but keep in mind I am not an expert) the key item is the "no more than 10 imported parts". The ATF letter says the M1 has 13 imported parts, So my guess is that you could replace any three factory parts with any three US made parts. A US made mag body would seem to count as only one part. I think you would need to replace at least two more.


I've found several US made replacement parts including:


1) The Surefire tactical light (replaces the forearm)

2) Speedfeed stock (replaces buttstock & pistol grip)

3) KAC or Surefire RAS forearms

4) Brownells magazine followers


If anyone else on the forum knows other sources of US made replacement parts for the m1, please add a post.

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