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M4 Rifled Slug Accuracy?


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G'day, am new to the list and would appreciate any help on the following issue.


A friend of mine bought a new M4 this year. I likethe M4 a lot am considering getting one. However, we have an issue with accuracy of slugs. His M4 has the solid stock with the PG, to which I added a Limbsaver pad(which works great). I believe it has a standard IC barrel. We have been shooting Low Recoil Remington and Federal rifled slugs for weeks at the range. Using the iron ghost ring/rifle sights I can shoot off the bench 1"-4" groups at 25, 3"-6" groups at 50 and 8-12" at 100. This was ok but I thought by adding a modest optic I might halve these numbers. So I installed a 2-5x Nikon Slughunter scope($180) using "See-thru" rings($28) so we could still co-witness with the iron sights. Well no cigar... sometimes I get a very tight 2-shot group (1"@25 or 1-2"@50) but then the 3rd and 4th shots might be 3-6" away! Then shots 5 & 6 might be another tight group but 7 is not.

*At first I thought it was the rings as they seem to be the weakest/cheapest link (they only have 1 screw per ring) but I have tightened them down as hard as physically possible.

*Now I'm wondering if it is ammo as I know the Remington is not much good beyond 50, but the Federal only seems marginally better.

*I also haven't ruled out the "nut" holding the trigger either. ;)


Any thoughts? All and any ideas appreciated as this is beginning to cost a lot in ammo.

Sorry for the long initial post.

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If you're looking for nice tight groupings at 100 yards maybe you should look into a gun with a longer barrel. The M4 with it's 18" barrel isn't exactly designed as a sniper rifle. Other than that, you can probably tighten up your 25 and 50 yard groupings with practice and keep notes on what slugs work best in your gun. But all the practice in the world won't guarantee a bullseye at 100 yards with that gun.

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You're going to drive yourself insane if you continue to expect rifle level accuracy from a smoothbore 18.5 inch shotgun.


You're not going to get anywhere near MOA accuracy, even with rifled slugs. You should be damn happy if you can shoot at a 100 yard target and get all the rounds on a 12x12 piece of paper.

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Here some ideas of what I've been able to obtain.



Thanks for the link, it inspired me to do the same kind of testing. I got ballpark similar results 3"-8" groups at 50 depending on ammo. I found that generally the lower the recoil the lower the accuracy. Sorta obvious but still good to know. Thanks everyone for setting me straight on this one. Cheers.

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