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R1 shooting in prone position


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I would be scared to sacrifice some accuracy with a clamp on. I use a telescopic rest stick on the forestock. No danger of disturbing barrel harmonics. I can also put the stick away when in the bush and the bi pod doesn't catch in the branches. It may not look as cool but i think it is more practical. Especially as u can not attach it directly to the forestock.

By the way. I came on site to announce that my benelli argo el shot its first game. I went to the range today to sight it in and what do you know. A small five point (10 point for some of u) was eating at the 200 yrd mark. We have a small community range with only a handfull of users. I have rarely seen someone else there when i went. Therefore it's not strange to have a buck on the range. It aint there now.

Well excuse me all. I got some cuttin to do.

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Now I know what the score is with the bi pod. I also heard that it is better to rest the gun on the fore stock (since this gun does not have a dock for a bi pod) rather than on the barrel.


I see that The Bass Pro Shop has the solution. It was my first shoot ever, and I burned the gun up just a bit inside the fore stock but the char marks burnished off. I don't really care but I will space out the shooting. Those you tube videos are not very good, this is not a shot gun, it is a rifle!


Anyway, what a cool gun, holy smokes, was that ever a blast, does it ever rock. I'll buy another if I find that it is dependable. For me it is a starter gun although it isn't as if I am going to do a ton of shooting, but a few trips to the range every year and a yearly hunt is what I will put it up to.

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