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Now I've tried the Argo R1 rifle a couple of times. I shot 100 rounds and I actually think that the gun is quite nice. It is slightly tricky to disassemble, but once you do it a few times it makes is much easier. When you put it together the bolt has to be pulled back half way so that the action can fit tight together. The other issue is putting the pin back into the bolt, when you do that, you just have to make sure that the bolt is fully within the slide on the barrel and not sitting outside or on top of it, but inside of the slide track, and the bolt fully extended. Those are two tricky areas.


I moved much more to loading the chamber than closing the bolt with a small bit of a thud, and than throwing in the loaded magazine, and that works the best because if I don't load the chamber first and load from the magazine, the bolt has to do more work. So that is what I wanted to test, and to get right and it worked.


Now cleaning did present a small surprise because after shooting it the first time I found some buildup inside the fore stock, but now I think that it might just be gun powder because it did burnish off and the gun shot just fine the second outing.


I need a better scope so that I can test it shooting at a long distance, but basically I'm willing to stay with the R1. It shoots a heavy cartridge and I think that it willl hold up. I'm done shooting for this year but it seems to have survived fine.


I threw on a stock cheek guard which brought up my eye line of sight into the scope an inch away from upon the stock. And of course I use a sling, and not just to carry the gun but to provide stability while shooting.


The R1 barrel is fairly short on the 30-06 and it has no place to attach a bi pod. That isn't that big of a deal however because there are quite a few products out there to rest the fore stock of an R1 upon.


Now if it can stand the test of time and last the five years that they claim in the warranty, than that is great. Personally I don't send in warranties (too small of an item...and it is in the USA besides) but if the gun doesn't last than I won't buy another three!


Unfortunately they are a little bit difficult to get (the R1's). I can't get one at The Bass Pro Shop, even though I can get a Super Black Eagle II there, also made by Benelli. What a bunch of nonsense. The only point of support there is that the rifle is a much more powerful gun than the shot gun and you have to find a suitable place to fire it.


Well, it was fun learning how to shoot that gun. Next, I'll take it hunting.

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I could use a better scope because although I was able to hit a target at 100 yards distance from the standing position, I couldn't see the target very well at 400 yards with a 1inch by 3.5-10x40mm scope. The person that I shot with had a much better scope, and that does make a difference, so with a bit better scope such as the 4.5-14 x 50mm size, I can go for a long shot, which is probably the safest shot as well since the rifle boots it out so hard. The rifle is a little bit scary to shoot, although the person I was with went up to the target 25 yards away and blasted two shots that sounded like thunder. He survived! Actually it seemed a bit unreal...but it was real.

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