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There's Something About Brett Favre


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How about Brett Favre showing off his junk and I don't mean his Remington guns.


Remember when Remington dropped Zumbo like a hot potato over his "black guns" comment? I wonder if they will do the same for the alleged "lewd-and-lascivious" Mr. Favre?


How could he be so stupid to be "sexting" pictures of his "frank-and-beans" considering how famous he is...can you say, "Tiger Woods?"

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So he's a great quarterback. Tiger woods is a great golfer but he endorses Buicks not Remingtons. That's why this is interesting and relevant to this forum.


I guy who seems to have the world by the balls, not unlike Tiger Woods did, can't help but allegedly cheat on his wife of many years and by the way, who is battling breast cancer.


He's dumb enough to text pictures of his privates to various women. He may be a great quarterback but he's a terrible product spokesman if he can't keep his camera phone in his pants.

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