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"Tuning" the R1 ????


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Has anyone ever tried any tuning tricks on the R1 ? I note that the gas system on my 300 winmag has various detents where as the 270 wsm just screws down against a sping till it stops. What about foreend screw tightness ? Free floating the for end ?


270 WSM is very picky on ammo whereas the 300 winny is a solid 1.5" grouper with many factory and handloads.


Thinking of just taking the forend off and shooting it in a padded V block under the gas port housing to see if that makes any difference.


thoughts, experience ?

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Well, tuk, if you knew squat about bedding rifles you would be able to see it. To be EXACT I was asking if there might be any benefit to the forearm not touching the barrel all along the sides. I really wonder if you even own an R 1 or are just another troll looking for someplace to hang his hat ?


I'm sure shooting the rifle with the forearm will answer the questions.

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Because the forend cap attaches to the barrel retaining cap, and does not mount /attach to the barrel beyond the gas assembly, it should not effect the barrel, or not in any way you can appreciably alter.


You can do the "dollar test" and see if you can pass a dollar bill between the forend and barrel rearward to the gas assembly. If so, your barrel is as free-floated as it can be. If not, you can relieve the forend. Depending on how tight the fit is, it may or may not be of value to you.


Shooting w/o the forend won't show you anything, as you are losing the tension provided between the barrel retaining point and the receiver (where the forend presses against it). Whatever you see will immediately change (if you are capable of perceiving the change) as soon as you replace the forend, with or without relief cuts.

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Yeah. That's me. I'm the troll. :rolleyes:


Sometimes when I have some free time on my hands, I come here and look for posts that no one has answered. Then I try to find an answer and post it, because I know someone is out there waiting for it.


I guess that is trolling in a way.

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I have a wood stock but that should not make a difference. My forestock does not actually touch my barrel. Any pressure on my barrel is transfered by the gas port collector attached to the barrel and tightly fitted over the gas port. This presure point cannot be eliminated. The forestock does nothing to interfere with barrel.

P.S. some guns are designed such that they need presure points to eliminate harmonic vibrations. Some guns are better completly free floated. Weatherby for instance has deliberate presure points that are actually benificial.

Does the presure created by the gas port collector hinder the R1? I couldn't tell you. I can tell you that you would not have a semi auto without it.


Tucker = Troll - I don't know about that. Trolls are pretty negative fellows and my first post here was not very pleasant (see post called, "NOW I"M WORRIED"). He didn't shoot me for it. Troll? Nah, I don't think so.

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You're almost dead on with regards to harmonics.

However deliberate pressure points aren't created to eliminate harmonics.

Harmonics will occur, regardless of stiff or well supported a barrel is. Pressure points are there to create a consistency in harmonics. That's especially helpful with lighter contour barrels that can vary greatly with climatic changes.


I appreciate the consideration, but we all know that nightfarce is the ultimate authority on such matters. So if he(?) says I'm a troll, then I certainly must be a troll.


I wear my badge proudly.


Perhaps one day, when he himself has helped as many Benelli shooters as I have, he too can call himself a troll.

After all, the word isn't that different from his current rank of "tool".

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