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check out this video!!


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He is a good thing for gun owners, although, sometimes he goes a little too far. I enjoy watching and listening to him..Uncle Ted rocks!!..Mike


He's a good thing for everyone who values his/her right to self-defense. Ted doesn't care if it's a gun, a knife, or a shillelagh. If it gives you the ability to save your own life, Ted wants you to have it.

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Rock star Ted Nugent pleads no contest to California deer baiting charge


August 18, 2010 | 12:45 pm


Legendary rock star and hunting advocate Ted Nugent was fined $1,750 in Yuba County Superior Court Friday after pleading no contest to charges of baiting deer and not having a properly signed hunting tag stemming from a 2009 incident in California.


California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Patrick Foy told the Appeal-Democrat that a game warden "just about fell out of his chair" when he saw Nugent kill an immature buck on an episode of "Spirit of the Wild," Nugent's hunting show on the Outdoor Channel, which aired earlier this year.


Further investigation into the incident revealed that the area had been baited with "C'mere Deer." Using any sort of wildlife attractant is illegal in California.



Nugent was originally facing an additional charge for killing an immature buck but this was dropped during negotiations between his attorney and the Yuba County District Attorney's Office, Foy said.

Nugent and two co-defendants -- Mitchell Moore and Ross Patterson, who also pleaded no contest -- did not appear in court. Patterson was fined $1,225 for taking an animal with bait, while Moore was fined $700 for possessing an animal illegally.


-- Kelly Burgess

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This is the ''going a little too far'' part. He has been known to hunt over the ''golden kernels'' more often than not. I still believe that he is good for gun owners, even though his hunting tactics could use a little shoring up..


There is more to the story than "Ted is a hypocrite". His hired guide is as guilty and responsible as Ted and should not have allowed this to happen.

I'd like to know who it was and get the word out also so he doesn't guide again. Ted's ignorance on California law is Ted's fault, the guides ignorance was no better than a poacher.


Ted Nugent takes responsibility for deer baiting


MARYSVILLE, Calif. - Ted Nugent says he should have been better informed about California game laws after pleading no contest to misdemeanour charges of deer-baiting.

Nugent said on his website Wednesday that he takes full responsibility for the hunting incident televised on a February episode of his Outdoor Channel hunting show.

California game wardens watching the show saw Nugent kill an immature buck during the hunt in Northern California. Investigators found that the deer had been eating bait before being killed.

Baiting wildlife is illegal in California.

Nugent pleaded no contest last week to baiting the deer and not having a properly signed hunting tag. A Yuba County Superior Court judge ordered Nugent to pay a $1,750 fine.

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Anyone can be a gun advocate and still be a dumbass.

Newsflash: NO hunting vid or show uses stalking- they all bait. You wouldn't see those awesome successful hunts, otherwise. And, of course, the economics- having a vid crew out, at a few thousand/day filming, do you just send them out hoping for good footage?:rolleyes: Cali F&G decided to make an example. A well known bow hunter used to have a video series out, filmed (IIRC) in Cali, with the same dead tree and splotched boulder, taking a deer, a bear and a few other critters. My wife used to sell those vids...:D

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Regardless of whether he baits deer, he is still a high profile celebrity type that speaks out FOR our rights.


Speak for yourself.

I'd prefer to have a responsible and ethical individual doing my talking for me.

Never have liked him and I never will.

Extremism cuts both ways and does little to no good in the whole scheme of things.

Nugent appeals to the people who already support him, but his abrasive antics, and particularly his outlaw hunting ways, aren't going to pull very many people off the fence and over to our side.

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