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SBE2 looks like....

Benelli Southpaw

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I with you too...black synthetic, although I am thinking about having that camo dip process done on it since I'm finding myself more and more layed out in a field with geese directly above me looking down. Black is hard to cover up in a tan field!

Anyway, still don't have an interest in the SBE2. In my opinion, they ruined a good thing. I am also leary about all the "systems" incorporated in the new one. Is it really that different/upgraded or is it more of a marketing ploy to increase market share?

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I do like the idea of the built-in recoil absorbsion, but it's a little funky looking. I have an all black SBE, but never liked the looks of the all black Nova. The camo patterned Novas look good to me however, I guess it breaks up the lines better.


I'll just have to handle the SBE 2 to decide, but at this point I don't see myself shelling out the money to "upgrade" when what I have is doing everything I need it to do, and has 10 years of reliability (and my trust) behind it.

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